Caterpillars Transformed Giving Tree

The other day, I was tagged in this picture post. I wasn’t surprised because many of my friends, family, and social media followers know my extreme love for butterflies! Not just the love for butterflies, but particularly, the intrinsic love for transformation and all that the butterfly represents.

Since I was sixteen years old, I knew there was a relationship the caterpillar and I had that was inseparable. However, I didn’t know to what extent. In 2007, God gave me the name Caterpillars Transformed as I was sitting in the bathroom of what was soon to be our foreclosed home in Frisco, TX. I thought to myself, “Really God, I’m about to lose everything I have and you’re seriously dropping a ministry in my spirit, seriously?!” and seriously, just like that, He was and He did!

Soon after, I decided to go through the courts and legalize CT as an official Incorporation in the state of Texas, still, not really knowing what God wanted me to do with it.

In 2013, after living in Dallas for 8 years, we moved from Dallas to Hattiesburg, MS by way of the University of Southern Mississippi. My husband took on a new job as the Running Backs position Coach and as I sat praying trying to figure out what God wanted me to do in this new place, he reminded me of the ministry He had given me almost 6 years prior to our relocation.

I asked my husband, John, if I could use our funds to create a logo for CT and he was all for it. In the mean time while I was out of work, I  began to write a book and I ultimately began to embrace the ministry that God gave me. Caterpillars Transformed was birthed in such a trying time, and now I know why Jesus did it that way.

I look back and think, “WOW! We went through all of that?!”

What is a butterfly worth if it hasn’t gone through the dark nights of becoming? The caterpillar’s process does not happen overnight. It takes some stretching out of your comfort zone, some quiet time in worship, some faith building seasons of ONLY trusting in God and NOT man.

When we were stripped from all of the things and stuff (material possessions) that society calls success, after my husband’s unexpected retirement from the NFL, we went through a season that only God had the power to restore. I’ll never forget moving my family of 4 in with my brothers family of 4. Those 7 months felt like the longest 7 months of my life!! BUT GOD!

Well, the call has been answered! My life is surrendered to the ministry of Caterpillars Transformed and all that God has planned for it through me. Since moving here in Hattiesburg in March of 2013, CT has taken off. To say the least, my heart is grateful! / And to think, all I gave Him was my YES! I turned my back on the world and turned my heart towards God. The reward has been his abundance of grace and mercy on my life and the life of Caterpillars Transformed! I can’t thank him enough! So, I gave him my life in exchange for His faithfulness. I don’t regret it not one bit, and I won’t ever go back!!

I said ALLLLLLLLL of that, LOL, to say, the post on FB began with my love for butterflies and a question I posed, joking about the tree I was drooling over, and now people all over the world are sending me butterflies and including their prayer request in the package.

In this blog, I am asking you all to do the same. In exchange for your butterfly ornaments I am dedicating my daily prayers to your concerns, as well. Whatever you are seeking God for in the New Year, I commit to praying for it. Whether it is deliverance from addiction, family members being saved, a new job, a transformed heart, forgiveness of a loved one, etc., write it down. NOTHING is too hard for God!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I trust him to do it just as he has brought my family and I out of what seemed to be a season that would never end. His plans are great for us! If for one second you think you are in this alone, I’ve come to tell you that YOU’RE NOT! That is a trick of the enemy, so don’t fall for His tactics. God is with you even at what seems to be the darkest of times. He sees and he knows.

You WILL come out of this. One transformation at a time! He’s working in you an unstoppable purpose, ministry, and/or vision for the future. Don’t be discouraged. He has a plan. Wait on it, and while you’re waiting pray! NO ONE will be able to put their mouth on your blessing! And the relationship you and God will establish as you GROW through will be incomparable. UNMATCHED. INSEPARABLE. Just wait and see!! I look forward to ALL the praise reports that are coming!!

If you will be joining me in what I believe is the inaugural year of this continuing Holiday tradition, your donations are MUCH APPRECIATED! This is more that just a butterfly ornament. This is a MOVEMENT! Are you in or nah?! 

Please forward all ornaments along with your prayer request to:

Cecelia Simon

2900 Jamestown Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Happy Holidays,

Lord knows I am thankful for ALL of you!!

Oh, and my book is ONLY $10 from now until Saturday at midnight if you would like to read more about the process to purpose God orchestrated in my life even before the foundation of the world began…even before He formed me in my mother’s womb! He knew what I would have to endure. He planned the process and had already deposited in me the grace that I would need to with stand. Won’t He do it??

You can find my testimony and more juicy stuff I only share with my readers at under CT products. THANK YOU! 

Cecelia Simon