The Secretary of the school's Party committee, Hu Qintai, came to the School of Environmental Science and Engineering to conduct research and guidance.

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On April 8th, the secretary of the school's Party committee, Hu Qintai, went to the School of Environmental Science and Engineering to conduct research and provide guidance on the work. The heads of the Party Committee Office, the President's Office, the Party Organization Department, the Party School Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate School, the Party Teacher Work Department, the Personnel Department, the Laboratory and Equipment Management Department, the Development Planning Department, and the Science and Technology Department participated in the research, and the members of the leadership team of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering also participated in the discussion.

Hu Qintai carefully listened to the situation report on the work sorting of the past year and the key work ideas and measures of this year made by Secretaryof the party committee Ge Chang of the college and Dean An Taicheng. The participants conducted research and exchanges on related work such as professional construction, talent training, leadership team construction, team building, discipline construction, scientific research, and platform construction.

Hu Qintai fully affirmed the work achievements of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering in the past year in Party building work, talent training, faculty building, scientific research, and social services, expressed his agreement with the "1-6-1" work idea and related measures proposed by the college, and put forward guidance opinions on the development direction of the college.

Hu Qintai emphasized that: First, we must build and strengthen the leadership team. The current leadership team should continue to carry forward the fine tradition of sincere unity and close cooperation, strengthen unity and collaboration, and strive to form a good atmosphere of working together for development, and uniting as one to promote harmony. Second, we must do a good job in the construction of the teaching staff. Team building has always been an important factor for achieving high-quality development, and it is necessary to continuously deepen the connotation construction of the college; further deepen the reform of education and teaching, do a good job in discipline development planning, conduct in-depth research and practice on the new concepts and new models of environmental health specialty construction, and explore new models of innovative talent training; the existing scientific research teams in the college should condense the development direction, continuously improve the level of scientific research team building; pay attention to the training of young teachers, strengthen the role of the passing on and helping of key teachers, and strengthen the care for young teachers. Third, we must plan scientifically and implement targeted policies precisely, continue to promote the high-quality development of the college's disciplines, and enhance the display degree of high-level achievements. We should dare to strive for high-level academic achievements and the construction of large scientific research platforms. Fourth, we must strengthen cooperation with brother colleges, strengthen linkage in aspects such as talent training, academic activities, scientific research, young teacher training, and experimental platforms, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and improve quality and efficiency.

After the symposium, Hu Qintai and his party also visited the college laboratory and put forward opinions and requirements on the construction of the laboratory platform, requiring the college to strengthen the construction of the college laboratory platform, rationally plan the space, introduce advanced equipment, establish a scientific management system, and promote the rapid growth of educational and research results, and further promote the high-quality development of the college.