The Heart Has a Direction, Grow by the Light | 2023 Psychological Series Salon of Environmental College — — Positive and Negative Energy

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In our daily lives, positive and negative events often affect our emotions and behavior. In order to help students deeply understand the causes of positive and negative mental energy, learn to adjust and cope with, and cultivate healthy and stable emotional regulation ability, our hospital held the 2023 psychological salon - Positive and Negative energy in the evening of December 6th in the counseling room of the Psychological Center. The activity was organized by the "Hand in Hand" Psychological mutual aid Association of the college, and the trainers of the Heart Association Jiang Yanzhou and Zhang Jinxian served as the keynote speakers.

At the beginning of the activity, the speaker guided the students to think and share, including positive experiences and negative experiences. In the process of sharing, the students actively participated and sincerely shared their personal experience, and the atmosphere of the activity site was active. Then, the speaker explained how to deal with positive energy and negative energy correctly, focusing on how to eliminate negative energy, from the perspective of oneself and others, advocating self-adjustment and interaction and mutual assistance with others. Through a number of practical examples and small methods, tell the students to cultivate their own independent evaluation and thinking system, break away in time, do their own things well, not be washed away by the outside world, keep their own foothold in the heart, maintain the small fortune in life, and encourage the students not to be afraid, not to escape, and show courage to face the storms in life. "The best way to eliminate fear is to face it."

This activity helps students to have a deeper understanding of psychological knowledge and master the relevant skills to help others deal with positive and negative energy correctly. In the future life and study, I believe that students can deal with all kinds of challenges in life with a more mature attitude, keep themselves, and grow up with a healthy and positive attitude.