【Core casting Force Plan】The fifth mobilization meeting of “Warm winter, warm pre-examination”

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Winter is getting stronger, and the exam week is coming as promised. In order to mobilize students to review carefully and prepare for the exam actively, and strengthen students ‘awareness of honesty and integrity, on the afternoon of January 3, our college launched the fifth mobilization meeting of the series of activities of subsidizing and educating people, "the plan of casting strength around the heart", to mobilize students for honesty and integrity examination and to send lucky bags before the exam. Zou Qing, the teacher in charge of the college scholarship, All the students of Grade 2022 and Grade 2023 who received state grants attended the meeting.

In the mobilization meeting, Ms. Zou Qing mobilized all the students from the aspects of review before the exam, exam preparation, and exam discipline, emphasizing the examination style and discipline, warning the students to be honest and take the test, be honest and abide by the exam discipline, treat the exam with a positive and honest attitude, and resolutely eliminate cheating in the exam. At the same time, encourage the students to establish confidence in the exam, keep the answer paper carefully, actively prepare for the exam, take the exam easily, and get the ideal result.

Finally, the college sent the exam lucky bags to the students, who expressed that they would keep in mind the advice, prepare for the exam carefully, and meet the exam with an honest and relaxed attitude.

This pre-exam mobilization meeting, while sending pre-exam blessings to students and encouraging them to actively prepare for the exam, strengthens students ‘awareness of honesty and integrity, and creates a fair and just examination atmosphere. Our college will also continue to explore the theme of diversified education, constantly innovate the ways and means of subsidizing education, and escort students to grow up in an all-round way and move forward without worry.