Laboratory and Platform

After over thirty years of construction, theschoolhas an undergraduate teaching laboratory covering an area of 2,181 square meters, and 1,645 teaching facilities, with a total equipment value of RMB 17.34 million. The scientific research laboratory covers an area of 3,139 square meters and it has 2,533 scientific research facilities with a total value of RMB 67.9 million. At present, theschoolhas 1 national platform, 7 provincial platforms, 20 standardized off-campus internship bases, and the key platforms are as follows:

National Engineering Practice Teaching Centre;

Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre;

GuangdongEngineeringResearch Center for Resourcefulness and Harmlessness of Solid Waste;

GuangdongEngineeringResearch Center for Industrial Pollution Site Remediation Technology and Equipment;

Guangdong Engineering Research Centre for Photocatalytic Technology Integration and Equipment;

Guangdong Key Laboratory of Environmental Catalysis and Health Risk Control;

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Joint Laboratory of Pollutant Exposure and Health;

Guangdong Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources and Cleaner

Production of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education;

Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Environmental Catalysis and Pollution Control;

Large Precision Instrument Room of the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, etc.